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Sunday, November 19, 2017

25 Heroic Photographs Of BatKid! Our New Favorite Superhero

Miles Scott is a 5-year-old brave little boy with leukemia who has always wanted to be a superhero like Batman. In order to make his dream come true, The Make-A-Wish foundation along with the city of San Francisco, thousands of volunteers, TV crews, and even President Obama teamed up to transform mild mannered Miles into Batkid (Our new favorite superhero)! His mission? To save San Francisco from the villainous schemes of the likes of The Penguin and even the Riddler. Follow his journey via these 25 heroic photographs of BatKid! (Our New Favorite Hero). And Batkid, if you’re reading this know that in our eyes, you have always been a hero.

25. It all starts with a plea for help

abc news The day begins with a breaking news broadcast (yes a real one) asking for the whereabouts of Batkid.

24. A new Hero is born

www.nydailynews.com/ 5 year old Miles Scott puts on his gear, ready to fight crime.

23. Ready for Action

Twitter @amy_geek With Batman by his side and an incredible looking Batmobile, Batkid is ready to take on crime.

22. Batkid to the rescue!

www.nydailynews.com/ Batkid arrives in his awesome Batmobile followed by Batman to save a young woman’s life.

21. Batkid prepares a plan

www.nydailynews.com/ Batman and Batkid go over the plan.

20. A grand entry

www.nydailynews.com/ Everybody cheers for the new hero on the streets as BatKid makes his grand entry.

19. And away he goes



Twitter @mikeschierberl

17. Quickly, disable the bomb!


16. Damnsel in distress

www.nydailynews.com/ No time to rest as Batkid saves a damsel from a bomb.

15. This is just the begining

www.nydailynews.com/ With the damsel saved, it’s off to the next threat.

14. The Riddler himself!


13. Evil is apprehended

www.nydailynews.com/ The Batkid, with tactics that only Batman could match, puts an end to the Riddler’s villainous scheme.

12. With the villain behind bars, it was time for some lunch

USA Today

11. Crime fighting can sure make someone hungry

Distractify.com His favorite meal? Hamburger and fries.

10. No time to rest

Distractify.com The Penguin is up to no good by kidnapping San Francisco Giants’ mascot Lou Seal.

9. Lou Seal is saved!

Twitter SB Nation Of course the penguin was no match for Batkid, who successfully saved Lou seal (earning the boy wonder a HUGE hug).



7. Its no wonder people love BatKid




5. Every hero needs a sidekick


4. Keys to the city

Twitter For saving the city, Batkid gets the keys to the city…

3. With perks!

2. Behold the new hero in town!

Twitter Villains beware!

1. Thank you Batkid!

You will always be our hero. Not just for saving Gotham, but for being who you already are.

Read more: http://list25.com/25-heroic-photographs-of-batkid-our-new-favorite-superhero/

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