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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Australian Students Painted On A Hunky Dude To Learn Science

1. This is Zac.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

2. Zac was the canvas for an 18-hour project to help medical students at RMIT University in Australia understand human anatomy.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

3. Because, you know, the only true way to understand male anatomy is to get your face all up in it.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

4. So Zac had to sit in his underwear for 18 hours while these lucky medical students drew lines on him with markers.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

5. Learning medicine.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

6. And anatomy.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

7. And all kinds of science.

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

8. And THEN, after “landmarking all the important muscles,” according to lecturer Claudia Diaz…

Simon O’Dwyer / theage.com.au

9. Zac became full-on “anatomical man.” Scary, yes, but it’s for science, remember?

Simon Schluter / theage.com.au

10. You can check out a video and more pictures of the frightening (and anatomically-accurate) final product at The Age.

Jodie Donnellan / theage.com.au

11. And if the final product is too scary, just remember that this is what’s underneath.

God Bless.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/australian-students-painted-on-a-hunky-dude-to-learn-science

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