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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Community Post: Los Angeles Children Have Put Up Hilarious Missing Monsters Posters

1. Let’s be honest. You might not notice your first missing monster poster.

That’s because sometimes monsters are invisible. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have REAL feelings. Steve was clearly very upset about the ice-cream.

2. And to be fair, sometimes they aren’t always what they appear to be.

3. And that can be dangerous if you don’t know them.

4. But try to be sympathetic. Sometimes it just isn’t their fault. Sometimes they may have a bad home life they are dealing with.

5. Causing the monster confusion or even multiple personalities complexes.

As Lamb-Chop/Wolfe knows all too well.

6. Or even -gasp- a life of crime! Here is a poster warning about a thieving monster.

A bike-thieving monster who may (or may not) be at risk of being hit by a monster truck. Which, of course, would be ironic justice.

7. But when they do feel comfortable, they’re great friends. They’ll even befriend your best friend (your dog)!

8. The best way to strike up a conversation with a missing monster? Try a simple, “hello!”

9. After-all, there are plenty of people who would be sad if they really were lost from our lives.

10. You could say “sad beyond comprehension” if they were missing for too long.

11. Which isn’t to say monsters always have the best manners. Sometimes they can be clingy.

And hungry.

12. But it could be they are just scared and misunderstood.


purpletwig.com / Via Found hanging on a tree on Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

It reads: Beware of Giant! He likes catching people by magnet. He throws them into outer space and they land on different planets. He eats paint for dessert.

14. Even in LA – the land of weird – it’s best to approach unfamiliar monsters with caution. Especially Jemimo.

purpletwig.com / Via Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

This poster cautions: Beware of the giantness Jemino. She has rough feet!!! As you can see she is holding the Statue of Liberty. Her rough feet are squishing people! She is 100,000 feet tall. She has been walking around this area!

15. And remember, monsters come in all sizes. Even very, very small.

cafedeleche.net / Via Found at Cafe de Leche, Los Angeles, CA

LOST DRAGON. This dragon is very very small, so you might not be able to see it. Its name is Humpback. Please return it to The Purple Twig in Eagle Rock. There will be 1,000,000 dollars.

17. Just be careful, okay? Because they are ALWAYS watching.

purpletwig.com / Via The Purple Twig’s window, Los Angeles, CA

BEWARE THE GIANTS. She has one big eye and one little eye. She can see for 1,000 miles. She’s 2,000 feet tall. Her head is sometimes in the clouds.

18. BONUS QUESTION: Can you guess which monster probably came up with these FAKE missing posters?

19. ANSWER: Alf!

Happy monstering!

*NOTE: My research has led me to believe the LA monster posters originated from The Purple Twig, an art exploration school for kids. This is based one of the posters asking that the dragon be returned there and one of the posters actually hanging in their window.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/traceyc8/los-angeles-children-have-put-up-hilarious-monster-dda9

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