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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dashcam captures the moment a raw sewage truck explodes

Life has always successfully managed to find ways to proverbially sh** on anyone and everything alive in some way or another, but as we all know it’s never a pleasant day when it does.

Well, now even though you can say life will takes the largest steaming piles of crap on your hopes and dreams, but this video shows it can always take matters a step further by sending thousands of gallons of sewage from a sewage truck – by exploding the container in the middle of a busy street!

The truck was driving along near the Altufyevo Subway Station in Moscow when traffic slowed to a halt. The car behind obviously didn’t know anything was wrong with the truck (can you spot anything that could explain it?) and pulled up right behind it; luckily the tanker didn’t blow but the buildup inside caused a micro explosion to release some of it’s toxic haul and then…

You don’t have to be a psychologist to tell that this incident very easily screwed with the day of quite a few people – could you imagine the smell? Even worse, could you imagine being a part of the cleaning crew for it??

Read more: http://damn.com/dashcam-captures-moment-raw-sewage-truck-explodes/


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