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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Plastic Surgery That Forces You To Smile Uncontrollably Is All The Rage Among South Korean Women

1. According to The Atlantic, the “Smile Lipt” plastic surgery procedure is becoming increasingly popular in South Korea.

2. Aone Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery have apparently patented it, promising to enhance people with “short mouths” or “downturned mouth corners.”

3. From their Facebook page:

Smile Lipt (Lipt = Lip + Lift), i.e. mouth corner lift is Aone Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery’s invented & patented method which physiologically lifts up mouth corners by adjusting muscle balance around the mouth corners. This method is different than the method introduced in the West, which only physically lifts up mouth corners.

4. Rocket News explains that surgery aims to reshape patients’ mouths to look more like Korean entertainer Min-A Shin.

5. Aone has a video in English explaining exactly how the surgery works.

6. Essentially, it lifts the muscles used for smiling up toward the patients’ cheekbones, which enhances a person’s smile.

7. Aone, on its blog, explains that the surgery can help people with downturned mouth corners who naturally look “angry, stern, and aged.”

8. Or as Betabeat’s Jessica Roy called it, “a cure for chronic bitchface.”

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/plastic-surgery-that-forces-you-to-smile-uncontrollably-is-a

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