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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Subway Kittens Went On Stephen Colbert Last Night, And It Was Glorious

1. In a segment about the New York City mayoral race, Stephen Colbert assessed how each candidate would have handled last week’s “subway kitten” incident. Then he brought the kittens and their new owner onto his show.

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2. The kittens had a very brief appearance, but for those few moments, all was right in the world.

3. Brooklyn resident Steven Liu, 25, adopted the tiny, adorable kittens, who are now named named Arthur and August.


All but one mayoral hopeful supported the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s decision to suspend service for nearly two hours to save the two kittens who were spotted on the subway tracks in Brooklyn last week.

The only candidate who did not support shutting down subway service to save Arthur and August was Republican candidate Joe Lhota, who said he does “not think it’s appropriate to shut down an entire train line for an extended period for this purpose.”

So naturally, Stephen brought the kittens onto his show and challenged Joe “Kitten-Killer” Lhota to appear on his program to personally kill the subway kittens.

6. Anthony Weiner, on the other hand, would have “personally crawled over the third rail” to save the kittens.

Viacom / The Colbert Report / Via Hulu

7. Sal Albanese thinks it is “nuts” to just “run over kittens.”

Viacom / The Colbert Report / Via Hulu

8. Unlike Joe Lhota.

Viacom / The Colbert Report / Via Hulu

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alisonvingiano/the-subway-kittens-went-on-stephen-colbert-last-night-and-it

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